Here you can find an overview from my official Techno releases. In order from new to the oldest. All the releases are digital available from the major music services like Spotify, Beatport, Traxsource, Juno etc. The audio found below are previews.

People of the Heavens EP

People of the Heavens

Dog and Man
14 October 2019

People of the Heavens is a techno EP with a happier vibe than most of my releases. It is made to enjoy on the dance floor and just have a good time.

Preview of ‘People of the Heavens’ on Soundcloud

Trullion EP

Tramtunnel - Trullion

Milano Connection
11 October 2019

Trullion is the third and last techno EP by Tramtunnel in a series inspired by classic science fiction books. This EP is an ode to legendary writer Jack Vance. The three tracks on this release have the same components: Snappy drums and percussion accompanied by otherworldly pads.

Against the Fall of Night EP

Dog and Man
13 August 2019

This release has 5 techno tracks on it. The talented dutch producer KlangProd was kind enough to make a remix for this EP. The tracks are inspired by the great science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.

Preview of Against the Fall of Night on Soundcloud

Empire of the Atom EP

OH Dynamics Records
2 August 2019

A 4 track techno EP i made for the starting label OH Dynamics Records. It is inspired by the science fiction books of writer A. E. van Vogt.

Preview of Empire of the Atom on Soundcloud

Mount Roraima EP

Mount Roraima

Dog and Man
19 July 2019

This release includes three tracks. It is influenced by mysterious and haunted places from all over the world. The style of this techno release leans towards dub techno. It is available now on all mayor digital music services.

Preview of Mount Roraima on SoundCloud

Press Play on Tape EP

Press Play on Tape

Smashead Records
17 June 2019

This EP has three tracks on it with slightly harder techno than my other releases. The tracks on this EP were one of the first Techno tracks i made, but released later by Smashead Records after they heard them. The names of the tracks were inspired by video games of the Commodore 64. The old an famous home computer of the 1980s.

Preview of Press Play on Tape on SoundCloud

Intentional Shapes

Intentional Shapes

ANCL Lincor
7 June 2019

This EP has two tracks on it. The original mix of Intentional Shapes is a collaboration with Following Light. We made this track together sending the audio files back and forth. It’s a nice mixture of my style with some dub elements and his style.
The second track is a remix made by Methodub.

Intentional Shapes on SoundCloud

Menlo Park EP

Menlo Park EP

Absurd State
27 May 2019

The EP Menlo Park is a bit more mellow and deep. It is somewhere between deep house and deep tech. It has three tracks on it and the track Ethereum and Gold also features on two compilation albums: Discent Vol. 9 and Thristle Vol. 1.

Menlo Park on SoundCloud

Landlines EP

Landlines EP

20 May 2019

This release has two track on them with the old landline telephones as inspiration. Both tracks are minimal techno and are released on a sublabel of Smashead Records called Smashead. (Smashead Dot).

Landlines EP on SoundCloud

Double Six EP

Double Six EP

13 May 2019

My Double Six EP was released on Lodjiya and contains three tracks. The tracks are all influenced by dub music.

Double Six EP on SoundCloud


Tramtunnel - Methamorphosis

Dog and Man
7 May 2019

This release was my very first one. It has the track Metamophosis on it and a remix made by Following Light.

Metamorphosis on SoundCloud